May we suggest

Swedish Nesting Dolls – Mini Owls

Ingela arrhenius stacking owls

Russia nesting doll, Swedish flavor.

A playful bed – R toddler bed

R Toddle Bed

A playful bed could be anything.

Wood toys from Hop & Peck

Hop & Peck wood toys

I am always the fan of wood toys. When I stumbled upon wood toys from UK’s Hop & Peck, I just wanted to put them into my girl’s hand right away. The concept of these toys is pretty simple – put bright colored ball wheels on solid oak wood toys. Totally cute! One of my favor is Wiggly worm toy.

Torafu dowel-blocks – building blocks toy like Ikea furniture

Torafu dowel blocks toy

“Dowel blocks joined by doweling to create multiple shapes”

Huston, I am ready for…sleep!

snurk astronaut beding set

If a kid sleep in this astronaut covered bed set, you can imagine his dream is going to be as wild as the galaxy. This cool bed cover is from a Dutch online store SNURK.

Funky Pattern From Dutch – 4funkyflavours

blouse natural blues and No Strings

There are still few months to go before Spring comes. Grab these funky coat from 4Funkeyflavours before winter is gone.

Hearts A Mess

A baby book designed for your baby

Personalized books by Fabuloos Dreams

A book turns your little one into a hero in his or her adventure? Totally cool!

I Heart U, my little one

3D Heart

What could be a perfect gift for my wife, from our little girl in V-day? A hand made paper heart is definitely a good option. You can download PDF template from here. For instruction, check out minieco post. You can print it out in color papers, or pattern papers.

Play Fold Bird Blanket from Fabelab

Play Fold Bird blanket from Fabelab

“Blanket, blanket, turn into a bird.”