High chair goes green – Feedaway Chair

December 19, 2012

High chair can be expensive for one with good design, and you have to get rid of it in the end. Here comes Feedaway Chair, the only high chair made by cardboard. You can carry it like a folded box, and you won’t feel much pain if you throw it away when you baby is no longer need it. 

The Belkiz Feedaway is a cardboard portable feeding chair that can be used for temporary situations or where space is at a premium. It is cardboard, for toddlers up to 20 months of age up to 20kg who are away from home. Ideal for temporary and commercial use, making it suitable for traveling and visiting where there is no baby/toddler feeding chair. The Belkiz Feedaway is safe, strong and stores away in a tiny space. Ideal for mobile and modern lifestyles.

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