Boxset airplanes


Ready to take off any time, any where.

SumBlox – a fun way to learn basic math


SumBlox makes conceptional math become touchable.

Frozen Colored Water Balloons


Let’s play water balloons in the Winter!

Fun cardboard toys from flatout frankie


Eco-friendly card board toys from flatout franke.

Modern Kokeshi Dolls


These Kokeshi Dolls from Sketch Inc. spice up traditional Japanese dolls with a modern twist. They could be lovely add-on for holiday decoration. They are created by Becky Kemp from England.

Oogi – a cute sticky buddy

Oogi on the wall

Oogi is a fun toy to prove this: fun can come from any size and shape.

Edible chocolate LEGO bricks by Akihiro Mizuuchi


Chocolate LEGO bricks are best thing happens to LEGO, or other way around.

Wood monster block set


Let’s build cute monsters with Stack and Scare block set!

3D printing of you children’s drawing


Make your children’s crayon drawing live with a 3D printing service.

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