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Super Seizing At Home Conveyor Sushi

Play doh “rice” with go-go train is the best combination to play with your food!

Mima Moon Chair

Blast off your baby with this high-end high chair.

Edible chocolate LEGO bricks by Akihiro Mizuuchi

Chocolate LEGO bricks are best thing happens to LEGO, or other way around.

SipSnap – a spill-proof lid


SipSnap is a simple, spill-proof, kid’s drinking lid that fits any cup, anytime, anywhere. Simplify your life with a Snap.

Bot-L Robot

Bot-L Robot

A robot with mission of hydration.

Eat like an artist with Food Face Dinner Plate

foodface dinner plates ideas

Dinning is a creative process with this face plate.

High chair goes green – Feedaway Chair

High chair can be expensive for one with good design, and you have to get rid of it in the end. Here comes Feedaway Chair, the only high chair made by cardboard. You can carry it like a folded box, and you won’t feel much pain if you throw it away when you baby is no longer need it.  Continue Reading →

From a highchair to a chair – Droong highchair

Droog Highchair

I love the idea of adapting furniture with life of a child. This highchair designed by Maartje Steenkamp, a Netherlands design studio, can be lowered down by sawing off its legs. It’s more than a high chair. It’s a chair can go with the height of your kid.
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