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May we suggest

Paper craft chicken from mollymoo

Mollymoo chicken

When I saw these chicken first time, I thought they were made of clay. But it turned out they were paper chicken! Check out the instruction from mollymoo. A must do craft with my little girl.

Tree houses around the world

Tree house

Tree Houses. Fairy Tale Castles in the Air

May the force be with you…my kid

Dads can go wild with kids nursery room deco. But I have to say Carissa Xy’s deco for his baby is one of the top. Who can beat a Star Wars theme deco for a little boy room?

Ping Pong table for you, coffee table for me

Tiny ping png table

“Share a life full of simple pleasures like playing, writing, drawing, reading, or sipping a tea on a tiny table”.

Kidscase Spring Summer 2013 collection

Kidscase Spring Summer 2013

“tranquil, versatile and fashion-forward baby and children’s clothes from Amsterdam, Netherlands.”

Tents at home

Tents at home

I bought a tent from Ikea over the weekend. It’s good enough for my little girl to play inside it. However, I would definitely build up a fancy one based on some ideas from Rafa kids.

Papercraft alphabet goes 3-D

3D Alphabet

To create paper craft alphabet in 3-D is definitely a fun project with your kids. There are endless stories you can play these paper crafts with your kids. Digitprop offers print out PDF template for free! Go grab them before they are gone.