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May we suggest

A 60 years old of rocking horse

Gloria Caranica rocking horse

A rocking horse designed by Gloria Caranica over 60 years ago can still beat the most of rocking horse now days.



A perfect combination of rocking chair and cradle. You can enjoy reading your favored book while watching and rocking your baby to sleep.

Speedy stroller

Playsam stroller toy

Stroller in streamliner style.

Pod – a cozy crib

Pod crib

This cute cocoon-shaped crib even make me want to sleep in it.

3-D Letters Puzzle

letters entertain you puzzle

I am always draw into different designs of 26 letters. When I saw this letter puzzle from Land of Nod, it is on my “wish list” for my little girl.

Animals with scarf from French’s Zoe de Las Cases

Zoe's Dolls

Dolls are always favored toys to kids, especially to girls. I am always in hunt for dolls who can stand up among regular, mass produced dolls. Zoé’s  dolls from Zoé de Las Cases are my new favors. What’s unique about them? They are wearing scarf. Talk about attitude…

My daughter’s favor is Mr. Fox.

Swedish Nesting Dolls – Mini Owls

Ingela arrhenius stacking owls

Russia nesting doll, Swedish flavor.

A playful bed – R toddler bed

R Toddle Bed

A playful bed could be anything.

Wood toys from Hop & Peck

Hop & Peck wood toys

I am always the fan of wood toys. When I stumbled upon wood toys from UK’s Hop & Peck, I just wanted to put them into my girl’s hand right away. The concept of these toys is pretty simple – put bright colored ball wheels on solid oak wood toys. Totally cute! One of my favor is Wiggly worm toy.

Torafu dowel-blocks – building blocks toy like Ikea furniture

Torafu dowel blocks toy

“Dowel blocks joined by doweling to create multiple shapes”