10 creative kid calendars for 2013

December 12, 2012

10 creative kid calendars for 2013


12 mini worlds from deep sea to high land. They are made from shrink plastic, put together piece by piece before making final shot. This is a very useful calendar to make your kid’s mind go wild once every month.

2013 Calendar for kids

This calendar is specially designed for kids from a Romania designer Galogh . 12 illustrated animals live in their world in each month with their own stories. A very good story telling resource for my baby girl, once a month.

So Cute 2013

If you have little girl, this “so cute 2013” is definitely a lovely gift for her. This calendar features a story of a lovely girl that live in her house with red roof in a green field with flowers.

2013 Carnival Calendar

This could be a good gift for a boy. Carnival and ferris wheel are their favors.  This calendar is custom printed on archival stain paper that has gorgeous finish, and yields deep, rich colors.

2013 Calendar Funny Birds

This funny birds calendar for 2013 is…funny. It would be cool if somebody make stuffing birds toys or wood toys out of them.

Bear Calendar 2013

12 colored bears comes with 12 personalities in this illustration set of 2013 calendar. Very cute!

Bird Calendar 2013

This is another bird calendar for 2013. But these birds are not funny at all. They are just cute, totally!

Stat Wars Calendar 2013

If your kids are into star wars, this one is the must in his room.

illustrated calendar by Erin Jang

What does a cool kid has? This calendar in his/her wall in 2013!

2013 Zoo Calendar

This is more than a calendar. It’s a 6-anmial set of zoo on your kid’s desktop! They are die cut from heavy board, and easy to assemble. The best of all – they can stay on after 2013. Simply color them in different colors or patterns, they become a new set of toys.

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