Edible chocolate LEGO bricks by Akihiro Mizuuchi


Chocolate LEGO bricks are best thing happens to LEGO, or other way around.

Wood monster block set


Let’s build cute monsters with Stack and Scare block set!

3D printing of you children’s drawing


Make your children’s crayon drawing live with a 3D printing service.

MM2 – a folding cabinet on wheels


A magic box hide all your kids’ stuffs and can be moved away on wheels.

Play your food in a creative way


Now your kids have a very good excuses on playing food.

Back to school in light speed, with Wrap Speed Bubble pack from MadPax

MadPax wrap speed bubble

Send your kid back to school, or go to space with this cool galaxy back pack.

DIY kid shelf from Simply Grove


Kid shelf designed by Kirsten Grove, simple and fun.

French tin cars from Baghera

French pedal tin car in green

These tin cars from Baghera is a cool ride-on toys for kid, a good collection for dad and will hold an unique memory for both of you.

Buchi toy box

Buchi toy box

Store your toys, in Japanese style.

A hidden treasure table from BAWA

BAWA table

Bawa is a furniture and toy. Two in one !

SipSnap – a spill-proof lid


SipSnap is a simple, spill-proof, kid’s drinking lid that fits any cup, anytime, anywhere. Simplify your life with a Snap.

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